“LYT is one of the best places ever. It's always so fun and no matter what could happen outside of LYT you forget about it the second you come in. I love it.”

Hannah, aged 11

“During my time at LYT I made friends that will last me a lifetime.  Everybody is always so friendly, enthusiastic and welcoming.  There is an amazing sense of family and community In LYT.  You make bonds with people whether they're five years older or five years younger;  everyone is best pals.

LYT also asserted me with a lot of confidence and independence. From performing on stage to a large audience - which can be quite daunting at first, but soon turns into the most exhilarating thing you'll ever do - to helping the production crew backstage, every moment was great. The productions LYT put on are world class!

Some of my best memories made as a teenager were with LYT!”

Kate Dundon, Past Student

“I love LYT because you can express yourself and just have fun.”

Petra, aged 9

“I am so happy that my daughter is involved in LYT.  She looks forward to it every week.  It is a fantastic environment that promotes self-love and growth, respect for yourself and others, all in a friendly, happy atmosphere. I feel Philip and Paula are great role models for my child, and the children really look up to them and value their opinion.  Kara has made great friends.

From helping backstage I notice how every child is respected and valued for their own talents and unique qualities.

The music and drama education the children receive in LYT is fantastic.  The experience of being involved in the shows makes such special memories as well as gaining a wonderful understanding of how a show works. We love LYT!”

Michelle Ruane ,Parent

“I was a member of Loughrea Youth Theatre for 6 years, and even though I would love to have stayed 6 more years I can honestly say that to this day I still feel I am connected to the group; a member of the LYT alumni perhaps!  I think this connection has stayed because of the huge role LYT played in my life as well as the lives of so many others.

There are the obvious benefits of being taught by Paula and Philip and getting to be involved in productions of such a high standard!  Outside of that are the benefits that remain long after the curtain comes down, the lifelong friendships that are forged and the sense of achievement and pride in being involved in something so wonderful!  Perhaps the most surprising of all is how much the experience has stood to me in my career as a teacher.  I don't think I would have had the confidence to stand in front of a class if I hadn't joined LYT.”

Hazel Burke, Past Student

“I throughly enjoyed my time as a member of LYT.  I met so many amazingly talented people and it gave me a huge passion for musical theatre.  I grew to love musicals and appreciate all the different parts that make up a great show!  Musical theatre has been a big part of my life ever since and I can only thank LYT for that.  I look back very fondly on all the shows I took part in, it was a fantastic fun-filled time!”

Emer Dolan, Past Student

“LYThas been and continues to be a huge part of our lives.  It is so much more than a drama group.  My children have learned how to act, sing, perform, and how a production goes from being an idea to a show.  They see all the work that is required and get to participate in every aspect of it if they want.  From building a stage to behind the scenes. The productions are fantastic, they are so professional and entertaining, always.    

My children have learned so many life skills at LYT, commitment, responsibility, respect for others, what it is like to work to a deadline, what it's like to work under pressure, how to be team players.  The confidence and self-esteem they have gained is immeasurable.  The friendships they have made are lifelong.  If I was to pick one activity for my children to do it would be LYT.  The experiences they gain would not be possible anywhere else.”

Eileen Joyce, mother of four LYT students

"Loughrea Youth Theatre holds a very special place in my heart.  Philip and Paula love what they do while working extremely hard and as a result LYT is one of the top youth theatres in the country.  Their professionalism and dedication is phenomenal.  This is clear to see in the production quality of each show that they put on.

From a personal point of view, I made many of my closest friends through LYT.  There is a sense of pride and companionship you get from being part of each show.  All of my summers in secondary school were spent with LYT and I wouldn't have had it any other way.  Every summer I used to tell my parents "that was the best summer ever!"

Loughrea Youth Theatre has instilled in me a love for theatre that I will never lose.  I am still involved in amateur musical societies and will be for as long as I am able to get on stage.  I thank Philip and Paula for showing me how great the world of theatre is.  Through their support and guidance I have appeared in Andrew Lloyd Webber's search for Jesus on ITV and performed in the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre as a featured soloist in the AIMS Encore 50th Anniversary Concert.”

Christopher McDonald, Singer and Past Student

“LYT was an incredible experience and is still remembered fondly.  Friends for life, memories for life and skills for life.  LYT provided me such a secure and strong grounding throughout my school days and I am very grateful for that.  Not only were they the best of times with the best of friends, but my own career path was also greatly influenced by my time with Paula and Philip.  Their professionalism, commitment and ambition pushed me to seek out and pursue a career in the arts and I am happy to say I have never looked back from my days on the Temperance Hall stage.  From working with the RSC in London to the Dublin Fringe Festival and the Galway International Arts Festival, I have benefited from my initial training with LYT and it continues to stand to me.  My initial taste for the creative industries was thanks to LYT and it has had a life-changing impact on me and my professional choices.  I am a proud LYT graduate, LYT mascot and LYT lifer!”

Kate Costello, Theatre Director and Past Student

When it started all those years ago our children were small and shy, 2 girls, 1 boy. We had known the Shorts from the Musical Society, so we knew we could trust them to guide, encourage and give them a love of what they were taught.

Katie had the talent to be Alice in “Alice In Wonderland”, their first musical. I will never forget it as we were working in Galway, my wife, Mary had told me to be in the Temperance   Hall   one   Saturday night. I knew Katie had a part but didn’t know it was leading lady. I cried with joy through the show seeing our 3 children with confidence and ability.

James only lasted 2 years - hurling, soccer and rugby were his passion. Our 2 girls, Katie and Clara, stayed until they had to retire at 4th year in secondary school. Clara did 12 years with LYT. They are still friends with former students. They still go to the shows when at home. All 3 have a confidence to stand up in public, thanks to Paula and Philip.

They, Philip and Paula, nurture and encourage the talents of the students and the respect shown by them is something to be admired. Only last February ,12 months ago, a former student, Patrick, passed away tragically. Past and present students said goodbye to him by singing him to his final reward. This is truly what LYT is all about.  We know what you have imparted will forever be loved and respected.

Ollie Barrett, Parent