SummerMix Resources for Shakespeare Juniors

Please record your first dance this week for the SummerMix online concert!

Here’s what you need to do:

1.    Choose your location.  A plain light-coloured wall in a well-lit part of your house.  Make sure that there is nothing on the wall or floor.

2.    Check your lighting.  Natural light is best - the ideal place to film would be with you performing opposite a window during the day.

3.    Choose your camera.  Whether it’s a camera, a phone, a tablet or a laptop, use whichever device in your house has the best quality (maybe check the settings too and set it to high quality).

4.    Set the camera up so that it’s steady and at the best height to get the best shot of you.

5.    Get your costume/make-up on.  Bright colours with no writing or logos please.

6.    Use another device to play the video of Tara doing the dance and use that to help you while you perform.

7.    Make your recording.  Don’t worry about any other sounds in the background as all that will be edited out.  Don’t forget to smile!!

8.    Send your recording to by the evening of Sunday 24 May at the latest.