Loughrea Youth Theatre

All students and their families are expected to comply with the following:

Respect each other!  We do not tolerate unkindness, roughness or bullying of any kind.  Theatre work is all about team effort: having good social skills and generally knowing how to interact well with others.  If there is someone within the group that you are not really drawn to, try extra hard to find something within that person that you like or admire.  If you are talented, you will find something in them!

Please respect Philip, Tara, Paula, Louise, Eileen and the other adults who work with us.  You can show this by not speaking when we are speaking, by following directions and complying with LYT guidelines promptly and willingly.

Do not swear or use rude gestures.

Honesty is expected from everyone involved with Loughrea Youth Theatre.  We will always be honest with you and the same is expected from our students.

Please be on time for all rehearsals, arriving 5 or 10 minutes ahead of schedule if possible.

No food or drink (including sweets and gum)  are allowed at classes in our LYT studio.

Mobile phones are not to be used during rehearsals or productions unless there is an emergency.

Please respect the building and furnishings.  Clean off excess mud from your shoes before entering the building and keep your hands off the inside walls and mirrors.  Leave the toilet clean and tidy and please always wash your hands afterwards.

In the event of a fire or other emergency, we will evacuate the building onto the front pavement.  All directions must be followed quickly and quietly.

We cannot accept responsibility for your safety outside of the rehearsal venue, either before or after classes.  Younger students may wait inside the building until parents collect them.  Please arrange for prompt collection.

Fees must be paid by Standing Order on the first day of each calendar month throughout the year (September-August).  The IBAN is IE02BOFI90389164383717 and please ensure the student’s name is used as the reference visible to us.  

We all get sick from time to time and you will no doubt miss occasional classes; however, for the sake of the others in your group you need to give this hobby a high level of commitment.  Please let us know if you are unable to attend classes due to serious illness or hospitalisation.

We will hold additional rehearsals as your production draws closer.  You will be expected to attend all of these.

We request that any students leaving Loughrea Youth Theatre let us know as soon as possible so that their place can be offered to someone else.