Gershwin and Hammerstein Seniors

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ALL JUNIORS and Shakespeare Seniors

Recording Instructions for the Virtual Choir

  • Choose what to wear - black/white/gold is the colour scheme.
  • Pick a plain light-coloured piece of wall to record in front of.
  • Make sure it’s bright and well-lit.
  • Set up your recording device to record high quality video in landscape mode.  Only record your head and shoulders.
  • Only one student per video please.
  • Make sure it’s quiet with no background noise.
  • Use earphones to listen to the vocal track from this page.
  • Record your video and audio.
  • Listen to the first four claps - CLAP THE SECOND SET OF FOUR (this will act as a timestamp for the editing)
  • Once you’re happy with your take, please send it to philipshort@mac.com or (086) 382 7384 (message or WhatsApp)