Foundation Course

Suitable for new students aged 6-9 years

Mondays 3.30 - 4.30

€45 per month

The Foundation Course allows students to find out about themselves and discover and explore personal skills in a fun, safe and creative environment with a focus on building self-confidence.

Time will be spent exploring numerous theatre skills such as team work, singing, acting, dancing, creative movement, stage direction and voice and breath control.  This will be done through various methods including full group exercises, smaller group projects and solo exercises.  Almost everything is wrapped up in a game, which makes learning relaxed and fun.

The Foundation Course finishes with a small performance on Graduation Day for family and friends to see; however there is no on-stage work during this year.  Following graduation, students are invited to join one of our other groups as they will be very ready for the next level of LYT.